99.9% – [Kaytranada]

In the midst of all of these huge album releases such as “Views” and “Always Strive and Prosper,” there is an extremely important album that you may have overlooked. Kaytranada is a Montreal based artist who, in simplest terms, is a producer. However, in much more specific and accurate words, he is a musical genius. The types of music he makes sounds like he is literally living in an alternate universe full of neon colors, exciting people, and a sense of emotion so extreme that you can feel it even though half of the songs are without lyrics.

“99.9%” is Kaytranada’s first true EP, and although his archives of collaborations and past projects are fairly deep, he finally has something he can call his own that will put his name in the spotlight. Throughout “99.9%,” he takes you on a journey full of sounds so vivid that if you close your eyes, you can paint a picture in your mind. This project does have its fair share of jaw dropping features, and even though he doesn’t actually say a word on his own album, none of these features overshadow what he brought to the table. With a variety of fantastic artists such as Vic Mensa, Anderson .Paak, BADBADNOTGOOD, Syd the Kid, and many more, the album has a diverse range of different musical talents from all over the industry. There are those songs that have incredible lyrical content by a rapper, leading into a perfect harmony by a ridiculously talented singer, and then leading into another lyrically absent track. These different songs all sound unique in their own respect, but also relate to each other in such a way that if the order was rearranged, the flow of the album would be thrown off.

“99.9%” takes you on a lucid journey through the ridiculously talented mind of Kaytranada, and it is honestly everything that I could have hoped for and more. I know with the release of Chance 3 this Friday, music fans have their focus shifted, but this EP will keep any music fan’s mind busy until then, and for long after that. Kaytranada still hasn’t even unleashed close to his full potential, and it’s already probably better than most of the albums that have and will release this year. Familiarize yourself with the talented Canadian producer by listening to “99.9%” on pretty much any major music platform out there.

words by Danny Adams