95 South – [Reggie Lee]

Rapper Reggie Lee is kicking off the year with his debut single, “95 South.” This record is a smooth, jazzy R&B soundscape with a hip-hop edge. Lee’s vocals are silky and soulful, and the production is lush and atmospheric. In the song, Reggie talks about a journey down Interstate 95, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the sights and sounds of the road. The video directed by True Noir features Lee driving down I-95 and around his city. The visuals are stunning and perfectly encapsulate the vibe of the song. Lee is a talented artist with a lot to offer. He’s a gifted songwriter and vocalist who has a knack for creating infectious, memorable melodies. With his debut single “95 South,” Lee has made a strong statement and I’m excited to see how his 2023 goes.

Watch Reggie Lee’s new video for “95 South” for yourself after the break.