95 Madden – [A$AP Twelvyy]

It’s no secret that the A$AP Mob is one of the most-recognized, well-known collectives in all of music. While Rocky and Ferg might be the frontrunners, there are a handful of other artists that make up the Mob, and every member plays a vital role in the group’s success. If you don’t believe me, just listen to either of their Cozy Tapes collaborative projects, because although Rocky or Ferg might be some of the most recognizable voices, all the other members team up and provide some very impactful contributions.

One of my favorite members is undeniably A$AP Twelvyy, and I would also say he’s one of the most underrated as well. His flows are constantly new, his voice is full of charisma and personality, and he just has this way about his delivery that differentiates himself from the rest of the collective without sounding even remotely out of place. Back in October, Twelvyy released his album, Noon Yung, a 15-song effort that was filled with old school-influences with new-aged twists, and I definitely feel as if it deserved a lot more recognition than it initially received. Luckily, Twelvyy decided to team up with director Dennis Wilford in order to breathe new life into the project. They did so with an amazing new music video for the album’s opening track 95 Madden, which also happens to be one of my favorites off of the record as well.

It opens up with an intriguing shot that looks almost like a picture of Twelvyy even though cars are zooming past in the street beside him. Next up, he takes us to a nice park with his group of friends to play a pick-up game of football. Despite the obvious cold weather, snow on the ground, and muddy field, the rapper and his friends go all out for their own personal super bowl, sliding around and falling into the mud without even giving it a second thought. Aside from this, he brings honor to the name of the song by playing Madden on his old-school Super Nintendo with his girl, and certain retro video game effects are utilized throughout this intriguing yet somewhat simplistic visual.

I don’t think the music video could have been put together any better in all honesty. It not only incorporates elements of the classic video game that the track is named after, but it also just shows Twelvyy having fun with his friends playing football as opposed to flaunting drugs, weapons, and jewelry as most other Rap videos tend to do. My only qualm is the fact that he was playing with the Packers in his game of Madden, and being a die-hard Bears fan, that’ll always rub me the wrong way, but I won’t hold it against him. I definitely believe that Noon Yung deserves a lot more recognition than it received early on, and the music video for “95 Madden” is going to give fans another chance to show the project the praise that it deserves, so make it a priority to tune into the awesome new visual as soon as possible.