916frosty is back with a bang, in new EP “MIRABELLA” exec. produced by Zubin.

I first stumbled upon 916frosty’s music back in 2017 on SoundCloud, and it’s been a few years since I’d last heard him. Now, in 2023, he’s back with a bang, dropping a mesmerizing 6-track EP titled “MIRABELLA.” The EP, accompanied by his executive producer Zubin, has been an instant sensation, racking up over 150,000 streams in just one weekend. It’s a testament to the enduring talent, hard work, and creativity of this Sacramento artist.

916frosty burst onto the scene in 2018, pioneering the emo-trap subgenre and building a devoted fanbase. His music, co-signed by XXXTentacion, went viral, with hits like “more,” “Jeffery Dahmer,” and “enough.” Now, with 200 million+ streams to his name, he’s made a highly anticipated comeback with Zubin. Zubin, the Maryland-born executive producer, is carving a niche for himself with Save Me Records. His upcoming “Save Me” EP, featuring top talents like Lancey Foux and Yung Fazo, is eagerly awaited, especially after hearing the production of this masterpiece.

The EP’s launch featured an immersive narrative taking place on his socials and in his music, where 916frosty took on a sinister VR corporation. It included puzzles, easter eggs, and a mini-documentary, engaging fans in a unique way.

Listening to “MIRABELLA” transported me back to my college days in my first solo apartment when I had first heard 916frosty’s distinctive sound. His music is not only creative and unique but also consistently enjoyable, as evidenced by his impressive streaming numbers and the top-to-bottom bangers throughout.

916frosty’s ability to stay relevant and create exceptional music is commendable. With “MIRABELLA,” he continues to engage his audience and solidify his place in the music industry, showcasing his unique style and talent. Check it out on Spotify below!