91 – [Lil Sil]

Today we have an artist out of Belgium that goes by the name of Lil Sil who is making his debut appearance on our platform with his brand new music video for “91”. This visual dropped less than a week ago and it has already racked up nearly 250,000 views in that time, yes because the visual aspects of this one were next level, but mainly because Lil Sil has an ear-pleasing sound + seems to have a ton of potential. One thing about Lil Sil’s style that stood out to me was his ability to be able to switch his flows with ease, a few different times on this one he switched it up & made it super seamless, leading me to peep the rest of his small catalog and it’s clear that he really does this shit. Lil Sil has a project coming in the future that I luckily got a chance to listen to early and trust me when I say that he has some HEAT on the way, so you might as well get familiar with him, because either way he’s going to continue to rise.