8 Ball-[Jon Waltz]

“8 Ball” by Jon Waltz might just be my favorite song of the day and the reasons why can be found within the contents of this article. I’ve spent a lot of time diving into the Memphis native’s music before and today, it’s quite evident that Jon has what it takes to be someone special in this industry even though in my opinion he already is! If you haven’t heard of Jon already, its imperative that you take time to check out his catalog, since its filled with a myriad of hits that will take the top spot of every and any playlist you may have circulating right now.

Jon has already received some very notable praise from publications like Pigeons & Planes, Complex and more, so its truly a treat to bring him onto Lyrical Lemonade today for some additional love! “8 Ball” is truly just an all around impressive song as Jon showcases every single skill set that he possess. Under the guidance of label venture UnderCurrent, his gifts completely shine throughout the whole entire offering without a single dull or off-putting moment in sight. From the moment you press play, there is no excuse to stop listening. From the production, to the vocal stylings, there is a high level of operation happening within the fabric of Jon Waltz’ creative process and its such blessing to be able to experience it first hand.

“8 Ball” is out and available wherever you like to stream your music! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!