No Roof Access – [Kyle Lux]

Ever since the release of his debut single, “Rollin’ Stone,” its been made clear that Kyle Lux is ready for the spotlight. His music is a seasoned blend of honesty, heart-stricken and sincere by nature, but there’s something more to the picture here. Lux possesses the intangibles of a star in the making, and moves in a way that reflects such potential. To attest, I was able to catch Lux during a headlining set in New York this past summer. With one song out, and just a few shows to his name, Lux commanded the crowd with the poise of a seasoned veteran. To maintain the attention of the audience when they know only one song is a feat unto itself, but Lux’s performance spoke to an upside far beyond what “Rollin’ Stone” might have told us.

There’s something special here, and he goes by the name of Kyle Lux. Today, bringing the open-ended potential of his first few singles to a point, Lux is here with his debut album, No Roof Access.

7 songs and just under 30 minutes in length, No Roof Access is an open diary, sourcing its cathartic nature from personal experience. Heading into the project, I couldn’t help but consider the pressure for Lux, especially after the burst of attention that “Rollin’ Stone” achieved right out of the gate. But with No Roof Access, there’s a sense of maturity that transcends what “hype” might dictate. Lux didn’t try and make a group of radio-ready hit songs, chasing the excitement of his first few releases. Rather, with No Roof Access, he takes a minute to breathe, and delivers a project unafraid to be bold, whether in production (“Wonderful”) or subject matter (“Precedent”).

No matter where No Roof Access decides to go, the album is a living, breathing testament to the value in unbridled emotion. There’s strength in vulnerability, and with Lux’s soaring professions of soul, he captures 7 songs of such merit, introducing a strong-hearted talent to the world. It may be a debut, but Lux is onto something more here.

Stream No Roof Access below!