Old News – [DavidTheTragic] x [Kenny Mason]

From DavidTheTragic to Kenny Mason, Jelani Imani, Jazz Ingram, and several others, Atlanta is going through a transformation right now. The trend-setting city is on the verge of a game-changing class of artists, and perhaps the most exciting part of it all is the comradery in the new scene. Even with so much potential on an individual basis, none of the ATL natives shy away from working together and showing love, just as we see in DavidTheTragic’s latest 2-pack of demos, Old News.

Unsuspectedly pictured at a kitchen table in the cover art, the entire packaging around Old News screams of candidness. Each of the two songs, pairing David’s impenetrable skill with Kenny’s melodic style, find two artists of strong merit testing their talents, infusing a lively sense of ambition into raw, energetic displays of sound — the first more excitable, the second more low-fi. The result of such is a compelling listen, and one that we’re going to look back on in a few years as a true gem.

With this, even as Atlanta continues to bubble up, artists are still blessing fans with demos and random collaborations to keep the momentum moving forward. What a time for Atlanta, and furthermore, what a time for music.

DavidTheTragic and Kenny Mason are two names to get familiar with, so check out Old News on SoundCloud below!