19-year-old 637iso shows he’s beyond his years with “No Case.”

It’s not often that you find a young artist who has a well-rounded and professional sound, but so is the case with rising North Carolina star 637iso. Wiser beyond his years, but still with a fresh, keen, and modern sound, 637iso got the assist from producers 803yung and Internet Money affiliated Cxdy to make something that packs a punch. “No Case” was exactly the product they were looking for.

Concise and clever bars combine with a catchy hook, well-placed ad-libs, and a phenomenal instrumental to form a complete track, one that’s replayable and undoubtedly finding more and more libraries to infiltrate across the hip-hop landscape. I hadn’t heard of 637iso prior to this, but I’m gonna go deep-dive into his discography to see if I enjoy any other tracks of his as much as I did “No Case.” Stay tuned as the young North Carolina star looks to ride this momentum into further releases in the near future.

Stream “No Case” below!