Toy Gun Store – [Mila Degray]

Mila Degray is a name that I quickly familiarized myself with after she released her alternative single, “Not Nancy”, back in August of last year. It’s crazy to think that almost a full year has passed since, but that feeling of finding something new and inspiring has yet to fade with the New York based teenager who has continued to impress us time and time again. Following the unveiling of her December single, “Bumble Bee”, produced by marinelli, Junius Karr, and Cal Kevany, Degray put the music world on notice with the record which was highlighted by support on Spotify’s New Music Friday. Fast forward to now and Degray has continued to grow her platform immensely while building a steady stream of fans on TikTok and opening for the likes of artists such as Sir Chloe and more, so I’m elated to be covering her newest single on the site today! 

Back and better than ever, Mila made her triumphant return to the release circle with her angsty, rock-infused single, “Toy Gun Store”, recently and it’s got to be my favorite tune from her to date. Produced by Grammy nominated producer, engineer, and writer, Justin Raisen, the two came together for “Toy Gun Store” and showed an undeniable chemistry that made their first collaboration feel more like their hundredth. Carrying a nostalgia about it that is seemingly impossible to come across in this day and age, Degray took us back to the early 2000s in “Toy Gun Store” while simultaneously putting her jaw-dropping musical talents on full display as she jams her way through the record. While still early, if “Toy Gun Store” isn’t a clear sign that Degray is going to be breaking through the noise in the coming years, then I don’t know what is, because this girl is special! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Mila Degray and “Toy Gun Store” below as it will certainly leave an alternative or indie fans with a lasting impression to hold you over until her next release!