612.Light – Paralyzed

Music can be used in one daily life as an effective form of therapy to provide an outlet for emotions. As an artist, writing music has the power to channel our emotions into a song that can now resonate with millions of people around the world. 612.Light from Cleveland, Ohio used his music to discuss broken relationships and messy situations he experienced during his childhood that one could only imagine. Deeply influenced by the late Juice Wrld and Iann Dior, the rising artist has developed a wave of his own. Since releasing his singles “Killbunk”, “Lil Shock”, and Gee Hues, 612.Light has gained thousands of fans and streams. Earlier this year, he shared his latest track “Paralyzed” featuring Killbunk.

“On my track Paralyzed featuring Killbunk, I expressed the path it took me to get to the top. I’m basically saying that they are “paralyzed” to see that I actually made it and this is my reality now. While there is no time for visuals, me and my team are avidly working on putting together a banger for all to enjoy in the near future.” he stated.

The melodic record did a wonderful job showcasing his dynamic sound and vibrating hook.

“In the future, you can expect my second album From A-Z with 26 exhilarating songs with new dynamic flows and features from Broly 500, Wavy 1500, Lil Hudak, Killbunk, Gee Yuhh, and 2Gaudy (637 Godwin) set to drop sometime in January 20231!” he announced.

Paralyzed is now available on all streaming platforms.