5x – [CTG DayDay]

Birmingham, AL is one of the hottest rap cities in one of the country’s most overlooked yet talent-rich states but most of the city and scene’s buzz to this point has come off the back of the distinctly trap style with almost drill-like elements first truly originated by TLE Cinco and while Birmingham’s throwed-off and up-tempo style is certainly earning them more and more fans every day, the city has lacked some on the melodic side of things, or so I thought, until I was fortunate across to stumble upon CTG DayDay, who I first checked out after his TLE Cinco featuring track “Don’t Mean to Be Cocky” dropped only a couple of weeks ago, but his new song “5x” is one of my favorites to come out of Alabama all month. DayDay has an incredible voice and has been the beneficiary of quite a bit of innate musical ability it seems and his swagger and confidence that he carries himself with makes his music all the more entertaining, and in some ways even vocally reminds me of Kevo Muney who is slowly but surely becoming recognized as the top artist in Memphis. CTG DayDay has all the talent in the world, but I would love to see him fine-tune his songwriting process in a similar way to Kevo Muney who transformed himself from a rapper with a beautiful voice to a potentially once-in-a-generation artist. The sky is the limit for CTG DayDay and I am really looking forward to watching him continue to develop.