5nB – [5an]

Atlanta based artist 5an has been pushing the boundaries of modern r&b for some time now, quietly developing a broad catalog masterfully produced and arranged music that all accentuates their broad vocal range and lucid writing ability. 5an is a master of melody, passionately crooning over the modern and rousing instrumentals she chooses and if you are unfamiliar with her music then her latest EP 5nB is the perfect place to begin. There are a handful of features on the project, coming from Holyrain, blacboy, p90pope, and Liloz who all accent the grand melodic atmospheres in their own unique ways, adding interesting wrinkles to what would be a stellar project with no guest appearances to begin with. This project is truly captivating and paints an obvious picture of just how talented 5an is and I am looking forward to seeing where she goes from here and how she follows up this project for the rest of 2022, but from where I sit, the sky appears to be the limit for 5an.