5AM – [$NOT]

$NOT is one of my favorite artists out right now because even with all of the massive success, achievements, and accolades that he has received in a relatively short period of time, he always stays true to himself, and I feel like there is this sense of underground sounds that will remain with him no matter how massive he becomes. He released Ethereal not even two months ago, and since then, it has amassed over 100 million streams with his A$AP Rocky-featured single “Doja” getting 40 million of those plays alone.

It makes sense, though, because if you listen to the album, you’ll understand exactly what kind of unique skill set that $NOT possesses, and I’m not going to be quick to forget that. At the end of the “Doja” video, as homage was being paid to the late Virgil Abloh and A$AP Yams, we caught a glimpse of “5AM”, one of the more blithe, airy cuts on the album, so when I found out that it got a standalone visual courtesy of NOTACHANCE, I headed right to YouTube to check it out, and I wasn’t let down even slightly.

With a slightly granular, this video seems to have a retro-like aesthetic that is elevated thanks to Back to the Future-looking lights that beam off the back of $NOT’s whip. After this, he seems to be performing to a crowd in the front yard of a home while he jumps around on the roof, but instead of it looking as lit as one of his insane concerts, there’s almost this feeling as if helicopters are beaming lights down on the scene in order to search for something or someone, even though this isn’t quite the case after all.

I just think that this video came together so well overall because the gritty filter used on every shot as well as the oversaturated lights in many scenes fit perfectly with the light, dreamy synths in the instrumental of the track, making the visual for “5AM” just another all-around success from the remarkably talented Florida icon.