5 Ways – [Shakewell]

Shakewell is just about as infamous as an artist can get, and although he’s been in the music scene for quite a few years, he never fails to impress me. Whether he drops off aggressive anthems, melodic bangers, or some of the wildest music videos in the industry, he always has his own way of doing things and because of that, his releases are always mandatory for me personally, but they should be for everyone else as well.

Most recently, Shake teamed up with Dan Streit who is an incredible director as well as a ragtag group of teammates to take down a rude neighbor in his latest music video. The song is called “5 Ways” and produced by hitmaker Flexatelli, and it’s another hit in every sense of the word, but the visual just takes this record to new levels with some interesting and unexpected cameos.

It opens up with Shake dressed in a shirt and tie standing in a cemetery before quickly changing to a shot of him smoking outside of his neighbor’s house, a resident who is played by one of my all-time favorite comedians/actors Eric Wareheim who was definitely an unexpected cameo, but his previous work on Adult Swim and other projects definitely help him fit into this weird and deranged universe that Shakewell put together.

When he gives Shake a dirty look, this sends the rapper on a mission to bring him down as he collects a team of exotic individuals to join him on his tirade. First off, he visits a lizard person who might look pretty intense, but they turn out to be very helpful when assembling the rest of his team. The guy the lizard person brings him to happens to be a master with nunchucks, who then knows an insanely jacked person who crushes watermelons with his arms and chest alone.

Finally, the last addition to the team is a guy who is a master yo-yo prodigy, and when the squad is complete, they head to an open field where they seem to come up with a game plan before hitting the streets like the Justice League and heading to the neighbor’s house. When they get there, Eric looks out of his window and tells them to get lost before the entire team begins to go haywire. Although the screen goes black before anything happens, Eric seems to be as fearful as can be as the camera pans in on his frightened face to bring the video to an end.

If you’re familiar with any of Shakewell’s previous work, this music video shouldn’t come as a surprise even slightly, even though you’ve probably learned to expect the unexpected with Shake and his music. I’m not sure how much or how little of a say he has in the ideas that go into his videos, but they’re always a hit in my eyes and I love tuning in every single time. Regardless, the tunes themselves that Shake makes are some of the most intense yet catchy songs that I can even imagine, so whether his visuals are too much for you or not, you need to make sure to give his music a listen with every new release. You should be just as pumped for “5 Ways” as I was and even if you somehow weren’t, you’ll be fully captivated once you check it out yourself, so take some time and tune in to the new record immediately.