5 songs that made you a fan: Martin $ky

“They said that I couldn’t I can, and I did it,” spits Martin over his latest self-produced hit, Reach.  Martin has been experiencing great success since the release of his much anticipated Everywhere But Here EP.  Since then he has received sponsors from Reebok (which also boasts a roster of Kendrick Lamar).  He also was recently announced as the newest member of Treated Crew.  As you can see, Martin has been reaping the rewards of his fight to the top.  I gave Martin’s music a chance when a friend informed me that he released (Time)less.  That friend also slipped me a copy of his compilation CD, the true definition of a mixtape.  Martin is another rapper that almost made me a fan through his production skills.  Here are five songs that made me a Martin $ky fan.