5 Songs That Made You a Fan: Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi has nonchalantly burst his way into sauce rap stardom in the past few months. From collaborating with Young Thug to touring across the country, Uzi has been building his legend in the music industry. I, like many, was excited when Lyrical Lemonade announced his first live show in Chicago on April 28th. Uzi has built a fan base through peculiarity and flows unheard before. His hair, cut in a high top dread style and often dyed vibrant colors of green or purple. Though being from Philly, Lil Uzi embodies all that is trap/drill while his flows are very easy to point out and the level of catchiness immediately gives hype vibes. Fans also have known him to roll his eyes while spitting quick, sticky rhymes. Overall, I believe this may be Uzi’s summer but until then, here are five songs that made you a fan of Lil Uzi.