4singles – [SoFaygo]

As time has gone on, certain artists have gotten more and more recognition. While I feel as if some of these emcees are overrated, one person that I know lives up to the hype is SoFaygo, and I’m grateful that he has gotten the love and recognition that he has seen over the past few years. Signing to Cactus Jack seems to not have made the largest impression or splash, in all honesty, because I feel like he was destined for greatness with or without that feat in his career, but regardless, he has been on the up and up for a while, and his stock price only appears to continuously rise.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-born, Cobb County, Georgia-raised hitmaker has seemingly done everything right so far in his career, and by not resorting to the typical or conventional route that many others have taken, he has managed to stand out and ensure that his talents aren’t only noticed, but appreciated thus far. Staying in line with this unconventionality, instead of dropping a short EP as he did with his awesome handful of hits entitled B4PINK back in June, Faygo decided to release 4 new singles individually, giving them their own space to prosper rather than being overshadowed by the entity of a project.

“Another One” is the first record I heard, getting things off on the right foot early thanks to production from Bakkwoods, COLDSUMMER, London Cyr, Acqua, and Neri who provide an ambient instrumental that picks up the pace as soon as the percussion kicks in and Faygo takes off, running with the bag securely to deliver an unforgettable performance. “Blitz V2” seems to be the hardest-hitting out of the quartet, and Faygo’s range is showcased impeccably as he sings, raps, and pretty much does whatever he wants with ease and individuality over the Bakkwoods, Bryceunkwn, and y2tnb-produced beat.

“Fasho” completely glides, and this is a song that really highlights his talents all in one place because the notes he sings, he hits perfectly, tweaking his held-out croons to provide even more charm and personality to every single melody he incorporates. As can be expected, Bakkwoods led the charge on production here yet again with some help from insanely talented beat smiths like COLDSUMMER, LNK, Crush, and niketaz. My personal favorite record out of the four happens to contain the only feature in Ken Car$on, but the homie is working on a specific article for this song on its own, so I’ll just let you listen and read his thoughts on it instead of going into too much detail.

Even though this 4-pack of songs isn’t considered a project, I think they stand alone perfectly fine without being jammed together back to back. Regardless of the release strategy used, I am always eager for more SoFaygo music, and these records will certainly keep me occupied for the foreseeable future, so I highly recommend checking them out as soon as you can!