4k The Opps – [Richer Than Roddy]

With music writing so much of the discovery aspect involves judging books by their cover and almost invariably I have discovered that artists with particularly memorable names have the tendency to be much better than an artist with a lackluster or basic title, and this is the case with Memphis’s Richer Than Roddy whose brash moniker simultaneously exudes confidence and humor and certainly will not be soon forgotten by anyone who checks out his video for “4k The Opps” which is gaining ground in his hometown that is having an uncharicteristically hot year for a town that’s rap scene has been strong since the early-90s. Behind the new stars like Pooh Shiesty, Big Scarr, Lil Migo, and Big 30 there are even more upcoming talents that are poised to help lead Memphis into this new decade and continue to build on all of the success of the generation prior. Richer Than Roddy is one of those artists that after the first bar just leaves you like “Oh wow so what part of Memphis is he from?” without being given any context beforehand whatsoever. He walks all over the bouncy and danceable instrumental that was perfect for him to turn up to and left me eager to hear even more from the emerging Memphis talent.