4ever – [A-Wall] ft. [Xavier Flowers]

I’ve been a fan of A-Wall for a minute now–since the release of his album, Verano, last July, to be exact– and I still don’t know how to classify him. It’s not that his music is so off the wall or insane that I don’t know what to make of it — in fact, it’s rather catchy and has this immediate draw to it; it’s just that the Dallas native blurs genres so well.

His latest effort, “4ever,” is the perfect example. Despite tackling a rather heavy subject in mortality, A-Wall keeps things light and airy by way of a chime-laden backdrop oozing indie-pop vibes. Finding the pocket well, A-Wall rides the beat like a rapper, and, with a simple yet effective repeating hook, he writes like one too, but he’s not exactly rapping; his approach is more of a crooning than anything. The addition of Xavier Flowers’ ethereal, supporting vocals helps push the song further away from rap, as well. Though combining a few different genres, A-Wall still manages to keep things simple and easy, which is what drew me into his music to begin with.

Call it whatever you want, just make sure you give “4ever” a few spins.

Extra Credit: “Admit It” & “Tiger’s Blood”