4am – [E Bleu]

Houston, Texas’ E Bleu has been buzzing like crazy since releasing his single “3am” and the remix to accompany it. After racking in almost two hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone, and fifty thousand on the remix, E Bleu is laying the foundation and showing early signs of an amazing career so far. The auto-tuned vocalist switches gear a bit and change the vibe on this record, even though the timestamps are only one hour apart. His latest offering is titled “4am”.

Following up the soothing and mellow vibes given on “3am”, this record speeds up the tempo and contributes to more of a dancehall/island vibe. The reason this song sticks out to me is that while it follows up the last timestamp song, it falls in order of how some nights go. After those 3 am thoughts and being in your feelings, sometimes the hour to follow is a completely different vibe. After a certain pick-me-up, you begin to feel a completely different way and are ready to party again.

E Bleu on the creation of the record:

“We went to Big Sky, Montana a few days after I made 3AM to catch a vibe and create. I didn’t even have a project in mind yet, I just wanted to get back in a creative space really. One of our first nights there I remember everyone being downstairs playing beer games and I was up in the studio room in my own world going through some stuff on my phone. I clicked ‘record’ and it all came together.”

Stream E Bleu’s “4am” below!