48 Bars – [T-Wade]

A month back, I wrote about an artist from Tucson, Arizona who goes by the name of T-Wade. The rapper first graced our pages for the release of his music video, NINETEEN and today he’s back with a brand new offering entitled 48 Bars. By just looking at the title, one could expect an onslaught of stellar verses and that’s exactly what you get in this new joint.

As a listener, it is always refreshing to hear an artist who dedicates time and effort into the lyrical aspect of the song.  A song can be catchy, but without the substance of thoughtful lyrics, it’ll never move you the way it’s truly meant to. T-Wade knows this vital piece is key and utilizes it to perfection.

The track starts off in a really soothing manner. The first 40 seconds is filled with a beautiful instrumental the sets the tone for the entire piece. T-Wade then takes over and completely shreds his verses without missing a single beat. On top of his lyrical mastery, T-Wade adds a much-needed element of emotion that allows listeners to truly connect with what he is rapping about. If you’ve been following his releases, you’ll know that T-Wade is operating at a level that not many rappers are these days. If he keeps dropping heat like this, the rest of 2019 could shape up to be a successful one for the up and comer.

I could go on and on about this track, but it truly is something that you have to experience for yourselves! I’ve attached the Spotify link for 48 Bars down below so give it a listen and let us know what you think!