LOST IN HERE – [Dro Kenji]

Throughout my time being involved in music, I have come across some absolutely insane talents, but I have admittedly witnessed some of them rise into the spotlight and fall off just as quickly as they blew up. When I hear something that I am so fully captivated by from my very first listen, I feel like it can be difficult to continuously remain excited for the simple fact that music is a constantly evolving thing, and these artists aren’t always going to put out the same style or sounds that I first fell in love with.

This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but it does mean that there are plenty of emcees that come to mind as people who have evolved, and their newer music simply isn’t as enjoyable for me personally as it was when I first listened. The one exception to this is Dro Kenji, Internet Money’s hottest sensation because he has not only put out a mind-boggling amount of music, but he has been able to constantly mature and expand his sound without straying too far away from the original style that first garnered so much attention.

It’s beyond clear that he is not the same person he was when he began his journey with Internet Money, but he has firmly grasped his aptitudes in a way that has allowed him to exploit these talents while also leveling them up, and that is most obvious on his latest surprise EP LOST IN HERE. Uniquely enough, he decided to make this a SoundCloud exclusive project, and even though this might segment his audience a bit more than before, his fans know that no matter where this EP is featured, they’re going to flock straight to the source to enjoy even more new music from the exciting musician.

All 8 songs on this project are creative, one-of-a-kind, and continue the soundscape that Dro has built on since the beginning, and there isn’t a single second that goes to waste throughout the runtime of about 25 minutes. With features including DC the Don, Mike Dimes, and Jasiah, different and intriguing perspectives and styles are brought to the forefront of this project while Dro continues to unravel his diverse aptitudes time and time again.

I think what makes Dro stand out from the rest of the music industry is his ability to talk about emotional, revealing topics on more upbeat, stimulating production that makes them perfect for a party just as much as they would be perfect for a night alone, and this is something that I don’t think anyone has mastered nearly as well as Dro.

Thanks to production from Internet Money beat smiths like Nick Mira, Census, Cxdy, Taz Taylor, and even an instrumental from Earl On The Beat, every aspect of this EP is enthralling, flawless, and addicting. Although I do personally wish this was more widely available on other streaming platforms, LOST IN HERE is more than fantastic enough to bring me back to SoundCloud for plenty of time to come while we wait and see what other undeniably great music comes from the hard-working, undisputable icon from South Carolina.