40/60 – [Ashoka] feat. [Jay Wile]

Releasing just a couple days before Valentine’s Day, the ever-so-versatile New York native Ashoka is back with yet another single titled “40/60”–this time around alongside the talented Jay Wile. With the mesmerizing and soulful instrumentation provided by Jahmal Gittens, the new single finds the two cohesively joining forces to serenade their respective love interests and the matters in which they will go to make them happy. Often so in relationships, the couple usually compromises and believes that all relationships should be 50/50–however, Ashoka is willing to put in the extra effort in order to make his love interest happy, hence the perfectly fitting title “40/60”. The rap verse provided by Jay Wile comes in at a perfect time and still yields a level of consistency, continuing the vibe previously set by Ashoka.

Speaking of consistency, an amazing musical trait to have is to be able to deliver time and time again and still remain true to oneself. That said, Ashoka has been delivering vibrations similar to this an hasn’t missed a beat quite yet. If he continues to pull up like this, there is no doubt in mind that we can count on seeing his name far more frequently and hearing his vocals bleeding out of our speakers for an extensive amount of time.

In a conversation about the record, Ashoka says:

“This particular record is about a man’s willingness to go the extra mile for his woman. Not just telling her she’s worth it but actually taking the time to show her. Don’t get me wrong, relationships aren’t supposed to be one sided, but have you ever been so into a shawty that it’s like she doesn’t even have to do much? That’s the headspace I was in when I created this one.”

Stream “40/60” below and connect with him on Twitter!