4 Da Streetz – [ATM Mally]

We’ve all heard it time and time again: music is an outlet and a productive, creative way for people to express themselves, no matter where they came from. That’s why I try to never judge an artist on their past because oftentimes, that same person got into music to escape the dangerous or troublesome activities that they were once caught up in. That’s at least the case for ATM Mally, an emcee who has gone through many ups and downs throughout his life, but he has finally dove into music headfirst to escape the old habits that seemed to lead him down the wrong paths.

My first taste of his music was his album 4 Da Streetz, and I was instantly drawn in. This intense, unapologetic, and hard-hitting effort shows off his intriguing talent as a rapper as well as his interesting backstory outside of music. The Louisiana-based artist’s latest release is a tribute to the streets that raised him, and it’s obvious that he understands the reality of the environment within those streets. His gritty messages, inimitable flows, and raw authenticity make for an unforgettable listen that you won’t want to miss.

From the very first track, 4 Da Streetz sets the tone for what’s to come with ATM Mally’s impeccable flow and raw, passionate delivery. Considering I went in without any preconceived notions or expectations, Mally’s tenacious vocals were unignorable, and as enthralling as his memories are, I think it’s his high-octane enthusiasm that really stands out.

ATM Mally’s album is not just about showcasing his skills as a rapper, but it’s also about telling his story. His ability to paint vivid pictures with his words is truly impressive, and he has a way of describing the realities of street life with a brutal honesty that’s both fascinating and haunting. On 4 Da Streetz, he takes us on a trip through the highs and lows of his life, with 9 cuts on the project that display his engrossing personality as well as his resourcefulness behind the mic. With much more in store for ATM Mally in the future, make sure you get caught up and listen to 4 Da Streetz as soon as possible.