3verlasting – [3ds]

Scenes in music become far more interesting the more they become willing to expand their horizons to new and unfounded areas. Whether that is through the introduction of new sounds, new mediums, or even external collaborations, the best thing a scene can do is always look to diversify and evolve at every possible opportunity. 

One such area in which the surging digicore scene finds itself forever adequately accomplishing is in the act of introducing a multitude of new talents time and time again. This occurs simply because of the nature of the scene — being so individualistic, yet bonded by the influx of collectives within it. And as far as the WorldOnLockdown and Silly Team collectives are concerned, they may have just found their next and newest standout act in 3ds.

Making rounds as of late with their impressive solo outpouring and even more telling production work, they have entered 2021 with a number of co-signs, resources, and all the talent in the world to make the most out of these opportunities. “3verlasting” – their latest single – is an encapsulation of their artistry first, and a proving statement on its own second; it reflects exactly why this figure is in the position that they are right now in full.

Fit with one of the most direct, yet fully fleshed-out instrumentals out of the scene this year, this track feels like a compact message containing each and every trait that makes this act such an in-demand producer. Its uninvolved main riff bounces on and off the tightly-constructed percussion, all of which sit atop some of the richest and smoothest low-end mixing one could ask for. While these aspects are commonplace for any given 3ds beat, they seem to elevate in quality just that much more here with this single offering. 

Their songwriting reaches its highest peaks yet as well with this track — telling an admittedly straightforward story of past love and moving beyond it out of necessity. Though easy to pick up on, it is told in such an entertaining and pitch-perfect manner given how it is incorporated into the structure of the song as a whole. It is just another proving factor as to why 3ds is such a magnificent rising talent all by themself.

All of these factors contribute to a track that sets the highest bar yet for a name ready to enter the online music landscape’s popular lexicon. As the rest of this year continues to move forward, so too will the ever-so-promising career of 3ds; this track is just a small and early mark on what will be an all-around remarkable 2021 when it is all said and done.