3AM in New Orleans – [A$AP Ant] & [Curren$y]

There aren’t many groups that have been nearly as influential as A$AP Mob has been over the last decade or more, and the only reason why I’m not saying they’re the most influential collective is that I know they’re not done yet, and I know that they very well might take the number one spot by the time it’s all set and done.

Of all the members, I feel like A$AP Ant is one of the mobsters who has been moving in the shadows, dropping music that is sneakily some of the best tracks out, but he seems to be chilling where he’s at and he knows that people are going to recognize his greatness sooner or later. This is clear in his project Little Black Jean Jacket 3, a 16-song project that boasts features from icons like A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Curren$y, OhGeesy, A$AP Twelvyy, and more, and I think it’s one of the wildest, most unexpected yet diverse and captivating tapes out right now.

The project’s 8th song “3AM in New Orleans” featuring Curren$y is a favorite of mine specifically because of the Lord Fubu instrumental which seems to have a personality of its own, and I can’t say I have ever described a beat in that manner, so it definitely is one of the more intoxicating pieces of production that I’ve heard in quite a while. I also wanted to single this track out because Ant and Spitta Andretti just teamed up once again with one of Curren$y’s director friends named Dexstr8dope to shoot a video for the hit song.

Based on the name of the record, you can probably guess that the tag team took us along for a wild night in the southern city of NOLA, bringing us with them everywhere from car rides to strip clubs, and with a kaleidoscope-looking effect that takes over certain scenes, the haze is real, but so is the fun. A$AP Ant continues to outdo himself again and again, and although this song is absolutely no different, I still have to highly recommend you take some time to check it out whether you have heard the song already or not.