3AM – [E Bleu]

I can almost guarantee that a lot of us out there have had one of those unforgettable nights where everything seemed to go right. Whether that be coming home from a party, a night out with your crew, or coming home from a link with a special someone–we all have been in those positions where we just sit and reflect about the events that just took place. That’s one thing that Houston-native E Bleu kept in mind when he created this vibe here. Being fueled by living in the moment and appreciating a good time, E Bleu sings over a smooth lead acoustic guitar and simple drum pattern and he goes into detail about the night that just occurred. Produced by D1, E Bleu is making an appearance on our platform today with his single titled “3AM”.

“I’ve always been a night owl. The energy at night is just different to me. I remember being in an Uber on the way home just mentally re capping the night and feeling like it’s somehow a pattern I fall into every night. I got home and recorded it in like 15 min on my kitchen counter at 3AM.”

For those who may not be hip, E Bleu first emerged into the game alongside Kevin Abstract–the now leader and founder of the Alternative group Brockhampton. Around the year 2018, he started to release music of his own and began to perfect his craft, eventually leading him to gaining attention from Eric Bellinger and 24HRs. Since then, he has been working diligently on himself and his music. After taking a year break, he is back with a banger and sets the mood off perfectly for the year. Check the link below and vibe out to “3AM” by E Bleu!