3 Shots – [Xadvoi] x [Roxas]

Both Xadvoi and Roxas spent the entirety of 2020 making a name for themselves within the ever-growing digicore scene. Bursting onto the scene with fantastic single after fantastic single, both of these untapped acts worked to hone their talents to the levels they are at now — levels that have been seldom reached by any number of their contemporaries. 

It was an artistic journey that culminated on Roxas’ end with their debut EP towards the end of last year in “Realm of Light,” a statement project above all else that chronicled this rise in one distinct package. Following suit, Xadvoi is taking up a similar approach by teasing towards their own conclusive project in the coming EP “Reporting Live.”

“3 Shots” is the lead single off of this very project, and it sees these two icons-in-the-making coming through with each of their best artistic facets in full effect. This is an exhilarating offering that never lets up for a moment, complete with an exciting and memorable aura about it that will stick in the minds of listeners everywhere.

That aura would not even have a chance of coming to light without the outstanding work put in by lj and Guami on production; these two exude their heightened sense of chemistry with all the grace in the world via this remarkable beat. It is an instrumental full of ominous synths and a tight and punchy low-end — both of which combine to create something of a cinematic atmosphere about it fit for these two magnetic artists on top of it.

Xadvoi offers an appropriately-resounding chorus here, both in its lyrical themes as well as their delivery all the same. Their to-the-point approach to these strikingly violent bars are substantiated by their always-wild and chaotic performance on the mic, being just as understated as it is all over the place in the best ways possible.

As the song moves towards its midpoint, Roxas enters with one of their most captivating verses yet. Stringing together a number of flows that all have this incredible sense of rhythm to them, their passage here is the ideal type of performance to match the spacious instrumental presented to them. Their voice seems to match the energy that both Xadvoi leads off with and the beat has throughout in the most flawless manner imaginable, capping off what already was an amazing experience in its own right. 

In having similar uprisings within their respective scene, these two seem to be just another perfect pairing amongst a community of individuals who all work incredibly well together. But they accomplished so much more than just that with this track; they made sure to drum up the utmost hype for Xadvoi’s coming EP while also doing the most in creating an absolute spectacle of a single in the process.