3 Nights – [Dominic Fike]

Naples, Florida star Dominic Fike returns to drop not one but two different videos for his smash hit “3 Nights.” 3 Nights was one of the better songs that were released last year and if you’ve heard it the chorus was probably trapped in your head at some point. For the video Fike takes an interesting approach he drops two whole alternate versions of the video. One video is directed by Brockhampton front man Kevin Abstract, and it’s kind of freestyle version of the video. We see Dominic attempting to do back flips and wandering aimlessly in the streets while singing. In the second video, there’s more of a plot and it goes along with the narrative of the song. Fike is seen leaving a hotel hopping in a car with a mysterious woman watching him ride off in the distance. He later on links with another woman spends a couple of nights with her and repeats the same process.

Which version of “3 Nights” is your favorite? Watch to decide after the break below.