2 Shoes – [Jayaire Woods]

Jayaire Woods has been doing it the right way. As the summer came to a close, Jayaire started releasing music and never looked back. He recently joined the likes of Migos, Jose Guapo and OG Maco – by signing to Atlanta-based record label, Quality Control (often stylized as QC the Label). His debut tape, Trees42morrow, has been getting alot of attention and his fanbase seems to be ever growing. The VZN produced track, , is the perfect track to listen to if you’ve never heard Jayaire’s music before. He spits over a mellow beat about growing up in his hood, Woodside, and going through ups and downs with his people. He is one of the easiest artists to relate to on Chicago’s rap scene. His  song flows and his unique voice makes nearly any song catchy, yet his lyrics offer a feel that’ll keep him in your soundcloud likes. The visual, shot by DJ, is perfect for the song as well. Jayaire is surrounded by the people he grew up with in his neighborhood basketball court, having fun and such. Then, there are shots of him walking around his hood. I believe that this is representative of his path to making his music dreams happen. Lastly, we are shown shots of him seemingly fresh off a plane and in a nice hotel, where he scribbles his lyrics. This is pretty cool because Jayaire has stated that he loves actually writing his raps down. Through and through, this video and track are a must see. Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think.