2ppl – [aldn]

I know I’ve been on a bit of an aldn kick as of recently, but after you tune into any single one of his songs, you should see exactly why. He’s making music unlike anyone else in the industry, not biting anyone else’s style while going in completely different directions with every release, and the reason why no one is replicating his sound is simply that it’s as close to impossible to copy as it gets. Not only this, but he usually always makes his own beats as well, getting experimental behind the production software in order to complement his incredibly diverse vocals as well.

His greenhouse EP is one I constantly go back to, and I don’t see this stopping anytime soon. You can only imagine how pumped I was when I saw that he released a surprise video for his song “2ppl” directed by Kevin Neal, so I couldn’t help but continue my aldn article streak and share it with you all. While this song might’ve been one that took some time to grow on me more than some others, it has since become one of my favorite tracks on the project, and the video is a perfect side piece for the record. While the whole thing seems to take place inside of a film studio with a homemade, lo-fi aesthetic, this is very similar to what I’ve grown to expect from the up-and-coming superstar, so I was happy to see him continue with this vibe.

There may not be any wild or crazy scenes or extensive effects, but aldn goes deep into his closet to pull out some very loud, vibrant clothes that most people can’t pull off even though he does so with ease. Aside from this, every lyric is shown in yellow lettering at the bottom of the screen, allowing fans to sing along with every word more than ever before. I could literally rave about how amazing I think aldn is for days on end, but instead of doing that, I just have to recommend you check out his latest visual for his song “2ppl” as well as his greenhouse EP as soon as you possibly can if you haven’t already.