2k in the Soda – [Internet Money] ft. [LUCKI]

Even though it has been a couple of years since Internet Money dropped off their wildly successful debut album B4 The Storm which received raving reviews and turned out to be one of my favorite projects of 2020, the production powerhouse hasn’t seemed to take a break. Now, if you look at the timeline and realize that they haven’t dropped a project in a while, you might think otherwise, but they are the masterminds behind some of the industry’s greatest hits, and as they add more producers to their roster, they not only contribute to more records but also spread their versatility to so many different areas and genres.

Sure, they have their regular collaborators like Lil Tecca, Trippie Redd, and Dro Kenji, but they are also known to keep a couple of tricks up their sleeves and will work with artists that I never really imagined they’d be in tune with when looking at the other musicians that they’ve produced for. After seeing the tracklist for their 6-track EP We All We Got that’s ready to be released on August 19th, my point is only further solidified because some regulars are included, but they also mix in surprise guests like LUCKI, Destroy Lonely, Yeat, and others, so it’s a project that is sure to be heard blasting from speakers all across the country.

A few weeks back, they dropped “She Want Some More” with Ken Car$on and Lil Tecca, but they’re back with a banger thanks to the wonderful talents that LUCKI brings to the table on the brand-new single “2k in the Soda”. Radiate Worship, Synthetic, Perdu, ThxTrey, and Taz Taylor all contribute to this hit that is driven by a prominent, bubbly melody, penetrating percussion, and hammering 808s. LUCKI once again proves why he’s in the upper echelon of the rap world, and I don’t think I need to say anything else to prove my point after you take a listen.

One of my favorite parts of this song, though, comes when a single sound comes into the picture that reminds me of the mysterious noise that is played during an eerie alien encounter, and there is just something about this instrument that really combines with LUCKI’s honest delivery for a perfect amalgamation. We All We Got can’t drop soon enough, and while half of the project is already out in the form of singles, it makes me even more excited to hear what they’re keeping close to their chest until August 19th.