2Face – [Young Nudy] ft. [G Herbo]

Young Nudy has always been one of my all-time favorite Atlanta rappers, and while I still don’t think he gets nearly enough credit, I guess I’m fine having him as a hidden gem that the mainstream seems to not have caught on quite yet. While it always seems like his releases are a family and/or community affair, the same goes for his latest release entitled “2Face” featuring the one and only G Herbo.

Opening up, there is a piano progression that almost sounds drowned out like a sample might sound before chattering hats and thunderous drums enter into the beat for a picture-perfect foundation that Nudy completely destroys. While he begins to start spitting before any percussion enters the picture, his tempo almost quickens when these elements enter, delivering some unbelievably catchy lines that are as fluent as they are calculated. While his nonchalant, go with the flow delivery is always something that draws me in, I loved the juxtaposition that G Herbo brings to the song because his cadence is much more insistent and blatant which provides a different sort of vibe to this incredible record. Considering the song is called “2Face”, it should surprise listeners when the beat changes up towards the end as Nudy gifts us with one more insane verse that is a bit more enthusiastic and personable for fans, at least in my opinion.

Along with this record comes an awesome music video that brings out the entire community, but I figured that the song would carry the brunt of the workload, so I wanted to highlight that more so than anything else. While I think it was obvious for any Nudy fans that his upcoming project DR. EV4L is due out May 18th, after doing some research, I didn’t realize just how special it was going to be. With features from artists like 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, and G Herbo throughout the 13 songs on the tracklist, I think it goes without saying that we’re in for a treat. So, with that being said, make sure you get yourself hyped up for the project by listening to Young Nudy and G Herbo’s latest record “2Face” ASAP.