2doses – [2kthagoon] ft. [Lil Kickdoe]

The East Coast is full of underrated yet overlooked talent, and of course, I’m not talking about New York City. Places like North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and a few others are absolutely booming in a sense of having countless rising stars on their hands, yet the rest of the country seems to want to ignore this fact for some reason. One of my favorite parts of working with Lyrical Lemonade is I have the opportunity to bring some much-deserved recognition to these lesser talked about regions as well as the artists that are working tirelessly to put their towns on the map.

If you’ve paid attention to any of my articles in the past, you should know the name 2kthagoon, and you should know it well. He has been one of my favorite underground artists of the past half-decade or so, and even though I’ve followed his career long enough to see him transform and level up, he’s nowhere near his final form. To me, this is unbelievable considering the music he is making now is arguably the best music he’s ever made, and these songs are some of the best tunes coming out of North Carolina in general, end of discussion.

He’s never afraid of a challenge and actually enjoys trying out various different flows, and his most recent record “2doses” makes this obvious, with the assistance of Lil Kickdoe. Maxvon and Worldwidetak team up to build the instrumental for this loosie, using intergalactic-sounding synths, uncharacteristic percussive elements, and terse, punchy drums that all come together for a beat that sounds out of this world, which is also a place where 2k seems to feel right at home. His flow, to begin with, is consistent and catchy considering the cadence was implanted in my head by the end of the second line, and his tuneful voice provides an unbelievably infectious melody that will offer additional assistance in making sure his lyrics won’t quickly be forgotten.

There are admittedly moments where I felt like the continuity of his cadences almost got slightly repetitive, but just as he would reach these points, he’d take things in another direction to make sure his listeners are entertained one hundred percent of the time, as I was. Lil Kickdoe, an artist I was previously unfamiliar with, comes in with a deeper, somewhat gritty delivery that utilizes some sort of triplet flow that fits in with the tempo of the production flawlessly, and with this cadence, he is able to start and stop in the blink of an eye, constantly offering up new rhyme schemes and rhythmic changes that are appealing and addictive.

Recently, there has been something about the overall vibe of 2k’s songs that is just mysterious and secretive, but he plays to his strengths in these tracks and does an absolutely remarkable job. His voice has always been somewhat spacey and airy, so the outer space-like vibes he has carefully chosen within the instrumentals he uses definitely complements his vocals seamlessly in my opinion. Aside from this, Lil Kickdoe provided an unbelievably captivating second verse with his use of multiple flows, the way he changed up his voice consistently, and his relaxed demeanor that just worked so perfectly with 2k’s chorus and first verse. I hope to hear more from this duo in the future, but either way I suggest you familiarize yourself with both artists as soon as possible, and their song “2doses” is the perfect place to start.