24 Hour Movie – [Kaz Moon]

There’s something magnetic about Kaz Moon. Specifically shown in his vocal approach, Moon’s music balances a line between thoughtful and candid, marking the budding talent as an easy name to rally around. Sure, he’s incredibly talented, and the sleek, polished feel of his music reflects such, but he’s also relatable, speaking in a way that leaves listeners at eye-level in its approach. Today, Moon is here to put this on full display with his latest music video for “24 Hour Movie.”

Balancing an eclectic instrumental with gracious vocals, “24 Hour Movie” is innocent in sound and reflective in terms of lyrics. Moon’s to-the-point songwriting paints life as a movie with the musician himself as the main actor, and the accompanying visuals are sure to turn this thought into a colorful bout of illustration, complete with personal visuals and simple, yet effective cinematography.

With this, all things considered, it’s hard not to root for Kaz Moon after watching this one all the way through. Devoid of any one genre and more focused on communicating his message, he’s a lovable character with an alluring personality, just as his music can attest.

See for yourself by checking out “24 Hour Movie” below!

Directed by Ori Matisse Evans
Story by Kaz MoonOri Matisse Evans, and Humza Sohail