24/7 – [PD]

After just a short three months, Summer is officially over, which means that Fall is here. That being said, “cuffing season” is approaching. We all know that certain music hits differently depending on not only the location you’re in but the season of that location as well. As the days get colder, those nights of staying in the house are starting to come back around. Bronx-native PD (also known as OGPD) kept this in mind when we created this anthem that blends the vibes of the summer, yet still gives off the impression of being played in multiple settings. Making his debut on our platform, he is dropping off his visuals for his single “24/7”.

Providing a little backstory on PD, being born and raised in the Bronx, he knew that his style was different from everything that was around him. Coming to the realization of this is one thing that made him better as an artist and made him push harder to gain the craft that he has today. Blending Caribbean vibes with southern flows he adapted to while moving to Atlanta, PD is showing some great signs of pure artistry and a talent level that is unmatched for an artist who is this close to the start of their career. On “24/7”, PD sings about his significant other and how much he wants to be around them to soak in the vibes. After the crazy Summer we all had, there’s nothing like putting on some music, staying in the house, and catching a vibe. That being said, give PD’s song “24/7” a few listens and make sure to stay connected with him on Instagram!