’22 Demo – [Inner Peace]

Whether you’re familiar with Lyrical Lemonade or not, I think it could be assumed from a quick glance at our front page that this is a website predominantly run by hip-hop, rap, R&B, and adjacent genres. Although we can write about whatever, I gravitate towards those sounds, and those are the things that I just typically write about, but it’s not the only music I listen to. I was raised around Rock n Roll with AC/DC being my favorite band of all time, and as I got older, I branched out into subgenres like punk, metal, and other variations of rock.

I know most people probably don’t care about my listening history, but I have to say this because the EP ’22 Demo by Inner Peace is not at all something that you’d typically find on our site, but I just could resist writing about it. When I first heard of Inner Peace, it was through Drayco McCoy, one of my very favorite underground rap legends, and I was put on because he is actually the lead singer of this creative endeavor.

I mean, every artist has an outlet with music, but sometimes you just need to let yourself loose and go crazy, and that’s exactly what Drayco does throughout these 5 songs that last just about 11 minutes long. The instrumentals are incredible, filled with a high-energy electric guitar that will melt your face off and drums that are so rapid, it boggles my mind how someone could play so quickly and so well.

In turn, Drayco matches the vibe perfectly, unleashing an addicting roar of lyrics from the depths of his soul, making sure to get every last ounce of energy out and into the microphone. I am happy to say that Drayco is still continuing on with his rap career, but taking this endeavor on in the meantime as well, so whether you’re a fan of his or a fan of hardcore rock music, ’22 Demo is definitely something you need to add to your radar moving forward.