2022 My Year Fr – [Saturn]

In a landscape that likes to flaunt its sense of individuality across its cast of talents – for good reason – there are more than a few acts who seem to have an influence on just about everyone. Saturn is absolutely one of those select few artists who can lay claim to such a title, paving the way as far as vocal delivery and lyrical thematics are concerned within the growing online music scene. 

Their efforts have been cemented in stone up to this point, but that surely is not enough to satisfy such a prolific and progressive act like they are. Continuing to develop their sound and overall artistic approach alike as more and more tracks come to light, they are proving their status as among the most gifted and inevitable superstars of that aforementioned landscape each and every trip. 

In saying this, it is no surprise that a new project from them is in the works moving into the new year; seven songs are on their way from the influential figure, and the excitement for what is to come could not be any higher from those in the know. That fact becomes exponentially more apparent when taking a look at the newly-released lead single from the project “2022 My Year Fr.” 

This track is an ideal culmination of the progression Saturn has made for themselves leading into this incredibly important year for their career. Being in the game so long and being ahead of most other acts in their regard has essentially allowed them to take time and absolutely perfect what makes them such a captivating act as they are — perfections that are on full display with this track in particular. 

They were given an outstanding beat to showcase these facets from the hands of Angelus and Wubz; together they built up one of the most infectious and addicting instrumentals of the entire year, with a lead riff that could stick in the heads of many for days and days. 

Saturn themself does exactly what they do best throughout the entirety of the song: deliver otherworldly flows with all the entertaining wordplay that the world could hold. No one has quite the same sense of rhythm as they do, even having flows that are strictly connected to their name, but this track goes one step beyond what they are known for by introducing some new and equally-gripping flows of their own. These ones are just as effective as the staples they have presented in the past, which essentially just serves as another tool in the endless repertoire of styles they have at their disposal. 

With this song being the first of many to grace this coming project, only the future holds the absolute masterwork we are about to be gifted at the hands of this incredible act. Moving towards that point will be just as exciting as this single song is in its own right, which is truly saying something based on how outstanding just a little taste like this is.