2019 – [LUCKI] & [F1LTHY]

It seems like over the past few weeks, LUCKI has been dropping constantly, and I couldn’t be more stoked about that because it gives me something incredible to write about all the time. Just a few weeks back, LUCKI teamed up with Working on Dying’s very own F1LTHY in order to drop their collaborative project WAKE UP LUCKI, which I’m sure you have heard about a ton at this point, and although I’m not surprised that it was as amazing as it turned out to be, I was definitely beyond excited about the results. It has been in my rotation pretty much daily ever since it was released, and I find new moments throughout that continue to pull me in with every additional listen.

At this point, I don’t think LUCKI could do any wrong within his copious amounts of music, and his chemistry with F1LTHY is just so compelling that I have enjoyed every second of the additional drops that accompany this project. Of course, he’s not even close to finished with his victory lap, most recently teaming up once again with Lonewolf to shoot a music video for one of the tape’s most addicting tracks entitled “2019”, and I don’t think that it could get much better than this.

Lonewolf has been thinking even more outside the box than ever in the visuals for this project with this one being no different, and although his trademark edits are always captivating, the abstract stories that are shared truly get me excited for what else could be on the horizon moving forward. While certain scenes are relatively simplistic or minimal, the main setting is actually on a beach where LUCKI is surrounded by numerous beds, some of which move in a blur around him as a woman seems to have her eye on the rapper, looking at him through a magnifying glass. It’s hard to describe the video for “2019” in all honesty because it’s just so unique, but that should give you all the more reason to watch it as soon as you can.