200+ – [TTBBY] [Na-Kel Smith]

Creating his own sound and furthering the agenda for Texas music, TTBBY has quickly becomeone of the most exciting acts that are representing the Houston music scene. Originally from theoutskirt little big city, Beaumont, TTBBY has used his country slang but modern awareness asan advantage to appeal to new fans outside of the Lone Star State. In efforts of dropping new material, he brings forth a new brand single, “200+” featuring Buzzing LA rapper/skateboarder, Na-Kel Smith. The new quick strike single is a strong effort from the duo as they leave donuts in the streets of Houston with fast cars, turn up with the local skate crews, and prove why these two artists with two different sounds can make a hit. TTBBY has caught the attention of some with the  releases of his singles, “Soul Ties” and “Gucci Goggles”, and he looks to heat up even more with this new video.