200 For Lunch / Dirty Diana – [Gunna]

There are very few rappers who have managed to become legends in the game after such a short time, and Gunna is one of these people. Sure, he has been grinding for a few years at this point, but you just simply don’t get the same output from other big-name artists that you get from him. It’s almost like he speaks in rhymes and just records everything he says because there doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to hit the studio and record everything that he releases. WUNNA was clearly a smash hit and the deluxe version basically provided us with an entirely new album, and I’m sure he’s got enough music in the vault to do that one hundred times over. He’s just a machine that never shuts down, and his hard work has clearly paid off and will continue to do so for as long as I can imagine.

His continuous grind doesn’t just stop in the studio, though, and he continues to release music videos at a fairly regular rate as well. Most recently, he decided to kill two birds with one stone by releasing a visual for two songs off of the deluxe version, “200 For Lunch” and “Dirty Diana”. I’m not going to go into detail about the music itself because if you haven’t heard these tracks by now after all the hype, you’ll just hear them during the video so make sure to tune in without a doubt if you haven’t yet. For the “200 For Lunch” portion of the video, we are taken to some sort of restaurant where Gunna sits with a group of peers and a waitress approaches them to take their orders. There is a retro-looking filter on the camera that makes it appear hazy, and I’m not entirely sure why this was included, but it was appealing nonetheless in my opinion. The rapper seems to be nodding off or sleeping prior to a friend kicking the table, waking him up, and prompting him to say 200 rather than an actual order.

This kicks the song off and there are rapid-fire, random shots that are confused and blurred, adding some chaos to the video. Some of these scenes come off as if they’re lagging and chopped up, making it look like there is some sort of drug-induced vertigo playing out before your eyes. For some of the slightly more extended scenes, Gunna shows off his various accessories and the diamond-studded jewelry that rests on his neck, fingers, and wrists. There’s one more reoccurring scene that is recognizable and notable, and this takes place in some sort of photography or film studio. Gunna stands in front of a screen that would even be considered big in a movie theater as he is streamed live to the monitor, creating this never-ending loop that displays the rapper an infinite amount of times. Eventually, he is joined by a large group of his friends, the most noticeable being Young Thug, where he vibes out with the squad and continues to spit his bars with their support.

The portion that is included for “Dirty Diana” gets a lot simpler but also extremely intimate to the point where it made me question for a brief moment if it should be included on our website or not. Just a heads up, don’t watch the second half of the visual if you’re not of legal age, there’s my disclaimer. Gunna starts out in his massive walk-in closet where a lovely lady joins him as he speaks his lyrics. He then sits outside of a huge, clear shower door where he continues on and recites his lines, but another lovely lady wearing a bikini dances behind the glass in a very risqué manner. Other shots are shown in night vision and take the scene to a bedroom where a few women join the rapper for some festivities that I won’t go into detail about. These three settings pretty much rotate back and forth, ultimately leading us out of the visual.

I definitely enjoyed this music video because it was cool to see the different songs played right next to one another, and although the two parts of the visual were distinctive, there were some similarities in the camera work and effects that could be seen throughout. I thought the opening scene to the first part of the video was kind of comical and I enjoyed the way that portion was shot, so I think it definitely did a nice job at setting a precedent for the rest of the video that was to come. Once again, the second half was a bit lewder than I was expecting so I want to make sure people were prepared, but at the end of the day, there have been worse things seen in music videos so it’s definitely not unheard of. Gunna is going to continue to ride high on Wunna’s success for a while I’m sure, so make sure to check out the brand-new two-in-one visual for his songs “200 For Lunch” and “Dirty Diana”.