20 Pieces – [Drakeo The Ruler]

Drakeo The Ruler might’ve been through a tough time over the past few years due to an unjust and unfair legal system out in Los Angeles, but ever since he was finally released from prison, it’s abundantly obvious that he’s making up for the lost time. His work ethic was never something that anyone could even think of questioning in the past, and now seeing his influx of music, projects, and visuals coming to a head is quite the spectacle, and I love seeing all the moves he is making.

He was obviously notorious for even recording a plethora of songs over the phone he was calling from while in jail, but once he dropped We Know The Truth at the beginning of December, it was definitely a refreshing sound hearing him actually recording into a microphone rather than over the telephone. The second cut off the project “20 Pieces” was definitely an early stand-out, and lucky enough, Drakeo decided to get the new year started off right by delivering a brand-new Ronnie Lewis Productions-directed music video for this awesome song. The beginning of the video starts out relatively normal in all honesty, although. Drakeo’s personality is directly in the spotlight as his diamond chains glimmer in the light while his Gucci outfit and luxurious car are a couple of nice accents to the visual as well.

My favorite part of the music video actually comes after the song culminates, because there are about two full minutes of Drakeo talking his shit, bragging about his possessions, and flexing all the lyrics he has written, so I’m just happy to see him back on top once again. He pulls stacks of cash out of his backpack before pointing to a garbage bag literally filled with sheets of paper. While this might just look like a bag of recycling he needs to take out, he specifies that those are all of his songs, and those bars are undoubtedly going to make him millions. While most Rap videos are notorious for common flexes and recycled brags, Drakeo always knows how to think outside the box and do things his own way, proving that he’s one of the most inventive artists in the entire game, whether you like it or not.

It’s hard to imagine Drakeo has slept even a wink since being released from jail a couple of months ago considering all the work he has already put in, and although I’m obviously not anywhere close to being in his inner circle, I just have a gut feeling that he hasn’t even begun to get started yet, so I’d highly suggest you keep a close eye on him so you don’t miss a single thing he decides to gift us in the near future. Whether you’ve listened to We Know The Truth, as you should have, or not, Drakeo’s new music video for the album’s track “20 Pieces” is definitely an awesome accompaniment to the record, so give it a spin whenever you get the chance.