2 Sides – [Luke Bar$] [Jiles]

Within Massachusetts’ growing hip-hop scene right now, one of the most prominent musical areas of the state is a city by the name of Brockton. Filled with promising talent and a tight-knit community of artists, Brockton has seemingly found the winning formula to success in recent years, using genuine support and a constant push toward greater heights to catalyze the scene’s growth. Today, we receive evidence of this prowess in the form of Brockton artists Luke Bar$ and Jiles’ brand new collaborative effort, 2 Sides.

Just 5 tracks long, 2 Sides is the perfect introduction to the music coming out of Massachusetts right now, as each of the two artists ride an artful line between captivating personality and stone-cold honesty. The tape’s storytelling attributes run perfectly alongside an illustrative base of production, and smoothing over these skillful traits is an underlying theme of consistently seamless chemistry between Bar$ and Jiles. While I could delve further into the unique, vivid worlds of sound and life that each song explores, it’s better to let the music speak for itself in this case; because if there’s one constant that remains true for all of the artists coming out of MA right now, it’s that they all have something to say, and you can be sure that they’ll say it in a way that grabs your attention.

Stream 2 Sides at the following link: