2 Minutes – [OG Louie The XIII] x [Jim Jones] x [Scotty]

Legend Jim Jones recently hopped on a track with LA producer and entrepreneur OG Louie The XIII as well as OG Music Group artist Scotty. As one could predict, this track (accompanied by a visual) is a two-minute session of both Jones and Scotty delivering intricate, old-fashioned heat that gave me a wave of nostalgia.

The video, directed by OG Films has a theme of black-and-white, busy-city energy that cooperates perfectly with the track itself. Imagery of city skylines, dim-lit studios, and bustling shows provide a genuine energy as the short track speeds along.

As OG Louie The XIII continues to reel in huge names for nearly every song he puts out, don’t be surprised if one or many of his tracks hit mainstream hip-hop sooner rather than later.

Watch OG Louie The XII – 2 Minutes (Official Video) ft. Jim Jones, Scotty below!