2 Effortless – [E the Profit]

There should be no surprise when I say that sports and hip-hop culture go hand in hand because so many artists and athletes are friends and both parties support each other in a very wide variety of ways. I’m not sure why I love it so much, but I always appreciate when past athletes decide to give music a shot, and while I think certain pro sports players need to leave music to the professional emcees, I do think that there is a place for people who never quite got to live out their proverbial hoop dreams for one reason or another, so music is another dream that they try and chase.

For E the Profit, his dreams of making it big in football came to an end when he tore his ACL in college, but his dream of a music career is alive and well, and the music he has released up until this point has me thinking that although the injury must’ve been devastating, it led him down a path of excellence which is more obvious than ever on his sophomore mixtape 2 Effortless. Out of all the songs on this tape that last for almost 17 minutes, Rocco produced almost the entire thing with the exception of Coach Cam taking over the production on “Dutches”.

Every song features a hard-hitting foundation in a non-traditional sense because although they are very deep and pungent, they’re more so records you may want to bump at high volumes in the car rather than rage to at a party of some sort, mainly because E’s vocals are just too refined to let go by the wayside. Instead of getting too enthusiastic with his deliveries and taking away from his words, he remains fairly calm, cool, and collected in order to clearly and precisely nail each and every bar that seems to be executed flawlessly.

In other words, he seems to let the beat drive the energy and let his lyrics carry the subject matter which isn’t something that is often easily pulled off the way E is able to make it work, and that just speaks so highly on his skills as a rising emcee. Kentucky is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for being a hip-hop destination, and artists like E the Profit are a major reason why it is such a unique and diverse city, so tap in with 2 Effortless in order to get a taste of who is sure to be the next artist to blow out of the state.