2 Cups – [TopNotch Zion]

Atlanta is America’s number-one breeding ground for rappers and has been for years now and unfortunately all too often so many great artists from this city are overshadowed by the sheer volume of other artistic talent that is all around them and many of the city’s most gifted are left ignored, and while that may be the case for TopNotch Zion right now I do not imagine that it will stay that way. He and Cam Beats connected again, this time for a new song and visual for “2 Cups” that YM the Director brought to life and Zion walked all over. His voice and flow both stand out and he seems to really understand his voice well, hitting all of the right notes even though he actually is never really singing, which is often the mark of a great artist. TopNotch Zion is one of my favorite Atlanta artists that you probably haven’t had the privilege of hearing yet but I would highly recommend you changing that as soon as possible.