1Minute – [9lokknine]

The Florida Rap scene has long been blossoming, yet it seems as if people don’t respect it nearly as much as they should. Although it appears that it’s only taken off in the last half-decade or so and prior to that there were only a few mainstream artists to emerge from this region, now more than ever this part of the country deserves its moment in the spotlight. The underground scene is booming partially due to the fact that the sounds they create are unlike anything else in the country, but it can also be because of their unique deliveries and flows which are always something to behold. 9lokknine has been on the scene for quite some time at this point and although he has drawn comparisons to Kodak Black due to their similar voices, he has done so much to differentiate himself and prove that he’s not a clone whatsoever.

His most recent song “1Minute” just received a music video treatment, and I couldn’t be more excited. The track itself features old school tropical hits, rapidly chattering percussion, and speaker-busting drums that pave the way for 9lokk to not only spit some great bars but also show off his very vivacious and animated personality. He’s typically known to ridiculously under annunciate his words to the point where it almost sounds like he’s having a stroke, but this song is slightly different which is definitely new and intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the slurred, jumbled speech because that’s part of what makes him unique, but sometimes the words he speaks are just incomprehensible. On this track, however, 9lokk still leaves the last few letters off of certain lyrics he spits, but it sounds as if he recites them with slightly more clarity than ever before, so you get the gist of the ideas he’s conveying.

The beat just bumps and bounces along, and 9lokknine never fails to sound right at home as his words just leap around through his simple yet appealing rhyme schemes. It’s a short offering, coming in at just under a minute and a half, and the beat rides out for about the last third of the song so he only actually spits for about a minute, but he makes the most of his time and ensures that his words count. I’m realizing now that this could be the reason behind the name of the song, but I’m not one hundred percent certain. Throughout this hit’s duration, 9lokk discusses how he’s tired of rappers acting hard and how he’s going to test them to see how tough they really are. He also shouts out some of the new firearms he recently purchased and goes into detail about some of the violent things he’s going to do now that he has these guns in his possession.

The music video opens up on 9lokk and his crew hanging out in front of a very colorful backdrop full of graffiti. The rapper is also wearing some colorful clothes along with his friends as they vibe out and dance along with him. Almost everyone in the video is either holding a gun, some liquor, or both, which definitely backs up the narratives 9lokk talks about in the track. There’s another setting that takes place at night inside and around a car. Inside the vehicle, 9lokk is pretty much alone as he recites his bars while outside the SUV, his group sits on top of the car and stands around it, dancing as the rapper spits more of his lines. Although you can totally hear his expressiveness come through in his delivery, the way he smiles and just enjoys the moment in the visual truly makes his personality shine.

I’m typically a fan of almost any new 9lokknine song, so whenever I hear he dropped something, I usually stop whatever I’m doing and tune in. That was the case with this new music video because I had previously heard the song and liked it so much, so I knew the visual would be great too. I wasn’t wrong, either, and although it might not have any crazy effects or wild scenery, it just does a great job of providing a clean, crisp visual for an already wonderful song. The track obviously does the brunt of the work to draw people in, so he didn’t need to do anything wild or crazy to get his point across. The new visual for 9lokknine’s song “1Minute” is a perfect exclamation mark on an already awesome record, so peep the visual as soon as you get the chance.