1995 – [Juicy J] ft. [Logic]

It’s sometimes easy to forget how long Juicy J has been in the rap game, starting off in the early ’90s forming Three 6 Mafia, there is little that Juicy J hasn’t accomplished throughout his tenured career. With an expected album on the rise, Juicy J teased his fans with a new single on Thanksgiving, 1995. Enlisting help from recently retired Logic the two collaborated for one of the smoothest tracks of the year. The record starts off with a classic Logic verse filled with wordplay and double entendrés while making several pop culture references. As always Juicy J delivers a classic verse that’s full of energy and is very reminiscent of some of his earlier work of the 90’s era. Production-wise this is one of the best beats I’ve heard all year, inducing a high-pitched choir in the background that really allows both of these artists to shine.

The music video accompanying the record alludes to a nostalgic feel, there’s a green tint that really gives the video a nostalgic feel. The clips are split between two different parts starting with Juicy calling Logic and him showing off his new estate in Montana and providing shots of the great outdoors full of ATVs and German Shepards. The visuals then shift to Juicy J living the rapper life, full of liquor and woman really contrasting Logic’s part. Regardless the two embrace each other showing off their amazing chemistry not only in the song but in life. Take some time today to check out the new work.