1980s – [K’Ant8300]

Charlotte, North Carolina rapper K’Ant8300 may have dropped his best song to date with his new single entitled “1980s.” Not only did K’Ant8300 dropped this single, over the past week he released his third album ‘Summer Ain’t Kancelled’ as well. I’ve highlighted this in the past but K’Ant has only been rapping for a couple of years and the progression of his music and sound gets better with each body of work. There is a good variety of different sounds in which all listeners will gravitate to something on this project. 1980 served as the lead single for ‘Summer Ain’t Kancelled’ and also in my opinion is the song that has the most potential to pop. I can’t wait until the video comes out for this single. I believe the visuals for “1980s” will end up being a crucial moment in seeing how far this single can go.

Stream K’Ant8300’s newest single 1980s for yourself after the break.